To wrap up our HEA Elite Week 2013 coverage, we take a look at our youngest campers.  These campers took on the challenge of competing against older and stronger players, but where able to standout in their own right.  Lets take a look at who stood out.

Kurtis Henderson – The young guard from Brockton displayed tremendous poise and toughness running the show at the point guard spot.  Henderson utilized his tight handle and strong build to get into the paint, where he finished with a floater or dumped the ball off to an open teammate.

Vondre Chase – Chase is a long, athletic wing who was able to slash to the hoop, played outstanding defense, and contributed on the glass as well.  Chase is a versatile young player, with a strong work ethic.

Kyle Bennett – Bennett displayed a tremendous confidence and poise out of the backcourt, and knocked down multiple deep threes throughout the session.  Bennett has a tremendous passion for the game.

Zakar Bell-Warren – The young man out of Boston displayed tremendous work ethic throughout the week, especially during station work.

James Webb – Webb is a fearless young player, who was not afraid to take it to the hoop, or mix it up on the glass.

Julian Webb – Webb is a dedicated young player, who attended Elite Week even though his birthday fell on day 2 of camp.  Webb had an outstanding camp.

Dyllon Lopes – Lopes brought a ton of energy throughout the camp, displayed a strong work ethic, and is eager to improve as a basketball player.